Raj Kundra opens up on Shilpa Shetty's reaction on hearing about the case!

Raj Kundra opens up on Shilpa Shetty's reaction on hearing about the case!
Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty are two of Bollywood's happy-ever-after married couples. These two are frequently spotted traveling on vacation together and spending time with their children. The businessman was detained in 2021 on suspicion of being involved in the development and dissemination of pornographic video distribution apps. His personal life was greatly affected by this controversy, and even after being given bail, he continues to be referred to as the "p*rn king." Raj talked candidly about his experience as a result of this occurrence in a recent chat.
In an interview with a newspaper, Raj Kundra said that his marriage was unaffected by the scandal. Even though all that happened was terrible, he acknowledged that mutual trust and understanding allowed him to find comfort in his wife Shilpa Shetty. He went on to say that he understood how much to believe if someone told him something about her.
Raj went on to say that Shilpa laughed and stated it was not real when she heard about the case. “If you are living at home together and there is something like p*rn involved, you would know,” told the businessman. He also added that because of this, Shilpa lost several contracts and television work and faced professional repercussions.
Raj Kundra said he felt it was unjust that his children and wife Shilpa Shetty had to take the burden of this issue. “It all happened because I am married to a celebrity. If I was not, I don’t think half of this damage would have been done. I feel they weren’t getting at me, but my wife and kids. You attack me, no issues, but she was collateral damage.”
Raj also disclosed that he bans and removes trolling content on social media. However, he also stated that reading terms like "p*rn king" to his wife and children is the last thing he wants. He claimed that they are ignorant of the details and aren't even allowing the legal system to declare him guilty.


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